Friday, 14 August 2009

Kapabal's BRAND NEW single (Digital release only)

My single "Rude & Abracious" (produced by Vella Productions), will be available at all good digital stores soon. To sum the song up in two words its "sarcastic controversy". I take pokes at well-known artists, celebrities, myself & others, it wasn't made to offend anyone but if your someone who can't tell the difference between sarcasm & seriousism (my new word) then you may be offended. The song will be on my next album that is still yet to be titled. Have a listen to it now on the main site I'll put it up on, & within the next few days so once its up make sure you show your support by adding it to your profile if you have one. Its available for purchase now at: & should be available at soon, then iTunes, Vodafone & Telecom. I'm not sure exactly how long it'll take but if I'll keep you informed. Make sure you support your local artist (me) and download the song if your feeling it, it's only $2 so it definitely won't hurt your bank balance. There will also be an official street remix featuring a couple of emcees. I wont say who yet but I'll be putting it up as a free download for everyone as soon as its ready. So yea check out my new single and if you like it please show your support by buying it.

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