Monday, 16 January 2017

Shattrholik feat. Kapabal & Kurupt (Tha Dogg Pound) - Real Talk

First month of 2017 thought I'd share  the track I did with Shattrholik and Kurupt from Tha Dogg Pound, produced by VellaBeatz. Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle Album which Kurupt heavily featured on was one of the reason's I fell in love with Hip Hop back when I was a kid and I used to listen to a lot of Kurupt & Daz, so collaborating with this legend is a dream come true.

Soundcloud (Free Download):

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kapabal's New Album "The Game Changer" Out Now!

Available now at iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify and all major digital services. Includes the singles "I Want You", "New Me/Same Me" and "The Downside".  Support the realness, get it today!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Big Announcement: New Kapabal Album out Jan 7th 2016.

To start of the new year 2016 I'm releasing my new album titled "The Game Changer" which is a metaphor for the changes in my life like having two kids, moving to Australia, committing to my partner, keeping it 100 being a family man and life in general.

You can pre-order it now (details below) on a specially designed USB 8GB flash drive with the Album cover and my logo on. The great thing about releasing it on USB is that you can re-use it, copy the Album on to your computer and then use the 8GB USB as much as you like. I won't be releasing it on CD as CD's are thing of the past and it's time to keep moving with the times, hence releasing it on USB. Plus let's be honest who actually buys a CD these days?

You'll be able to pre-order the Album on iTunes in about a week, I'll keep you updated on that.

01. Why Not featuring Trane Recc
02. Kapabal Mindstate
03. My Time featuring Big Mars & Bo Roc (The Dove Shack)
04. The Downside featuring Bo Roc (The Dove Shack)
05. Ambitious Plus
06. Straight Into It featuring Big Mars & Impakt
07. I Want You featuring Impakt
08. Hustle Smart
09. Drinking Games
10. Sorry Bro You're Not Rich
11. Energy Found featuring Shattrholik
12. Don't Mistake featuring G.Son
13. New Me/Same Me

Production Credits
Drekwon: Tracks 05, 08, 09, 10 & 12
Tyna: Track 04

Kapabal: Track 03
Robert Waaka & Kapabal: Tracks 01, 06 & 11
Ruid Bwoy: Track 13
Mister KA: Track 02
The Cratez: Track 07

Pre-order now:
Head on over to the Kapabal Store or email to buy directly. I can do New Zealand and Australian bank deposits, or Paypal payments worldwide

Monday, 7 September 2015

New Music - Kapabal presents 'I Want You'

Available at iTunes, Google Play & various digital stores now!

While the saying ‘Behind every great Man is an even greater Woman’ is seldom whispered and uttered quietly amongst men in their circles, Kapabal makes a return to prove that bold statement and does for his fellow man what few men in this day and age are able to accomplish and pays the up-most respect to his soon to be wed fiance with his latest offering - ‘I Want You’, featuring the smooth, soulful vocals of South Sufficient’s very own Impakt [formerly of Built For This].

Kapabal touches on the everyday, real life situations that couples experience and expresses that while you can experience the constant ups and downs that couples do, there is always room to show gratitude and really appreciate your spouse for who and what they are, letting them know without a shred of a doubt that ‘I Want You'.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New Single Out Now! New Me/ Same Me!

My new single is out now!  I was excited to do this piece, head over to youtube and let me know what you think of it. This is something completely different to anything I've ever done before, but I had to do it after hearing Ruid Bwoy's new work. We have history, good and bad so it's something I wanted to do personally as well. We used to be close friends, rapped together and partied together, then we had a fall out over something. We both let by gones be by gones a year or two after but lost contact with each other, so it's good to work with the bro again. If you like what you hear please head to iTunes, Google Play or somewhere else and buy a copy, support that good independent music!

Friday, 20 March 2015

My next single will be out 1st April iTunes, Google Play, Spotify etc... Track is called New Me/ Same Me produced by Ruid Bwoy. It's something completely different to anything I've done before. It's Dance/Electronic kinda music with 808 drums, deep bass, rhythmic percussions and topped with cutting synth leads. Don't worry I still do what I usually do when it comes time to spit a verse on it though and I've also got a few of the bros adding little adlibs here and there.

Hustle Smart

Something for y'all before my new single is out April 1st, free download at www.soundcloud/kapabal for a limited time, get it while you can.